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WCAG Volunteer Appreciation Party

Sunday, Feb. 5, 2011, Elim Lutheran Church, Petaluma.

The  Woman’s Cancer Awareness Group said a big THANK YOU to all their wonderful volunteers.

With new members on board, the Woman Cancer Group is filled with fresh energy, which was well demonstrated with a fun dance performance of the board members. Besides homemade food, “snør brøv” by Karin Hoy (traditional Norwegian open faced sandwiches), Bingo & lottery prices brought lots of cheer to the diverse crowed, including “men”:)!

Karin Hoy helping out in the kitchen.
Just learned she had a serious accident and want to send her lot’s of good and healing thoughts!!



Caudle & Yu – The Teacher Family

Thank you Mrs. Caudle & Mr. Yu!

For four years this  creative, innovative and hip  teacher couple have been the guide posts for our son at Mary Collins School at Cherry Valley, Petaluma.  Jean-Remy has turned from a shy little boy to an expressive, independent thinking  teenager.  THANK YOU for teaching our kids in such loving and artful way!!  Will miss you when our son will go on to high school.

Their daughter, Luna,  is very lucky to have such amazing parents! She is already a beautiful girl with a strong independent mind!

Beautiful people make beautiful images:)!

Wonder what would have been we I had had such great teachers!
More in tune with playful learning!


Prosit New Year 2011

With some good wine you can never go wrong!

Here are some bottle shots I did for a former wedding client and winemaker, aka “Kellermeister” , David Sundberg, who is turning local grape juice into delicious wine at Diamond Oaks Winery in St. Helena.

A friend of mine starting his own wine connoisseur tour guide quite enjoyed it!

Diamond Oaks Pinot Noir 2006, Diamond Oaks Winery Chardonnay Caneros 2007

Diamond Oaks Cabernet Sauvignon 2005, Diamond Oaks Rose 2009


Love This Woman – WCAG Volunteer of the Year!

For my own records, I  had to take a picture of my dear friend, Karin Hoy, who recently received the Volunteer of the Year 2009 Award from the Women’s Cancer Awareness Group. Despite her 80 years, she continues to be an active and charming supporter of this important woman’s health organization.

Karin is the also the mother of  the founder, Lydia Zipp, who  started WCAG after she & her sister were diagnosed with ovarian cancer and realized how little information was available at that time.

Today, the non-profit organization provides fun, educational and supportive programs for cancer survivors, and awareness of the risk factors and symptoms of gynecologic cancers.

Check out their website for events & information:


First Open Studio – Couples for Equality Event

Valentine’s day was a perfect opportunity to have my first Open Studio & support Prop 8 Love Stories – a local theater/film production, while taking photos of people with their loved one. Thanks for all who came to my studio!

Click her to see the complete slide show of fun portraits & couples.

Special thanks for the lovely performance of The June Bugs and the amazing support of Brian Bryson, director and creator of Prop 8 Loves Stories.

Hi Rosemarie,
This is the most touching thing I have seen in a looooooong time! I was crying by the end it is so beautiful. I’m sad we couldn’t make it and next time (if there is a next time) I’ll try harder! -Best,Ellen


Bye, Bye 2009! Hello 2010!!!

Good bye 2009! Hello 2010!

Wishing you all a happy, healthy, inspirational New Year with many great things in 2010!!


Summer Portraits in PINK

Summer fun and bright colors are the perfect way to cheer up your children’s room.

Call Rosemarie Lion Photography and take advantage of our SUMMER PORTRAIT SPECIAL – capturing your child’s cherished expressions. You can choose between different colored back drops – bright orange, pink, or sunburst yellow. From the resulting images, you can create a canvas collection of 4, 6 or 9 images that will beautify and charm your home.

Portrait Study of 19-month-old Josie

Portrait Study of 19-month-old Josie



Habit Project: Interview John Records


Original Live Theater & Documentary Film

Created by Actors 10 to 17 years old from Interviews with Addicts, Behavioral Psychologists, Environmentalists, Philosophers, Martial Artists & many other Creatures of Habit.

Habit Project actor, Trevor Phillips,  interviews with John Records, Executive Director of COTS, in the presence of the whole cast at the Elephant Theatre Space, Petaluma. The teenagers are filming, re-enacting the interviewees, while also composing music and other art pieces to accompany the upcoming performances.

Find out where you can see upcoming performances at their website!!

July 10-26

Tagging along with my camera to document the making of the play. The  teenagers  drove from San Francisco to the studio of John O’Keefe to the woods of Guernville to interview them about “habits”:


Internationally known Playwright, Soloist and Director - John O'Keefe

more images of John O’Keefe interview.

Joe Kowalsky interviewing Richard Stozzi-Heckler for the "Habit Project".

Martial Arts Master & Author of "The Leadership Dojo" - Richard Strozzi-Heckler

more images of the Richard Strozzi-Heckler interview:


Executive Director of COTS (Committee on the Shelterless) - John Records

more images of John Records interview


SSU Professor (Teacher of Teachers - The Habit of Getting Smarter) - Georgia Leyden with grandson and daughter in the woods of Guerneville


more images of Leyden interview


UC Berkeley Brain Scientist - Dr. Lucia Jacobs

more images of Jacobs interview

And after all that work there needs to be some fun & food…


A visit at BEARD PAPA’s  in Berkeley finished up the day’s interview – delicious o’ cream-puffs – yam yam!

BeardPapa1 BeardPapa3